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  • The Siringit Serengeti Camp by Mantis is located under a canopy of Tortillas Acacia trees along the wildlife migration trails
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Siringit Serengeti Camp offers a Bespoke Safari Experience

Siringit Serengeti Camp offers a bespoke safari experience in the heart of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The camp is located just 6km east of Seronera Airstrip and one hour’s drive from the Nabi Hill entrance to the Serengeti National Park.

An idyllic Wilderness

Because of its natural beauty and the abundance of wildlife to be found in the area, the management of the Tanzania National Parks chose this site to host a group of visiting officials from Yellow Stone National Park in the United States. The site still appears on many official maps of the Serengeti National Park as “Yellow Stone.”
It is our privilege to call this idyllic spot ours from now on. The famous Hippo pool, the Serengeti Research Centre and the departure point for balloon Safaris are also conveniently close by.

Safari Dining

There are a few rare places on this earth where you can enjoy a safari picnic shaded by an Acacia tree whilst surrounded by the great migration or forest bathing in a yellow fever forest surrounded by the abundance of nature. Safari picnics can vary in style, from an elegant romantic picnic basket to fine dining under an Acacia tree in the middle of the Serengeti plains.


Small is Beautiful

The ten exclusive luxury canvas tents are designed to offer guests privacy, seclusion and intimacy in the remote setting of the Serengeti plains. Each tent is designed to offer an untamed immersive experience bringing you closer to the wildlife. The spacious tents have ensuite bathrooms with steaming hot showers heated by solar.

Untamed Wilderness on your Doorstep

The Siringit Serengeti Camp is located under a canopy of Tortillas Acacia trees along the wildlife migration trails. The migration passes through the camp in April – June. There are an astounding 500 different species of bird recorded in Serengeti National Park. Wildlife migrates daily through the camp and it is possible to game view and bird watching from the verandah of your tent.

A Very Personal Chef

Exquisite menus for the Siringit Collection are being created by Axel Janssens, a Michelin Star Chef who moved to Tanzania from Belgium. Axel's mouth-watering seasonal recipes are a symphony of the multicultural fusion of travel influences, aromas and tastes narrating the story of a travellers life in Africa giving back to people. Axel established one of the first Chef training programs in Arusha, Tanzania. Axel's Chefs will be creating delicious food in the Siringit Collection properties throughout the year.

Personal Service

Our luxury tented camp is an intimate private family home with canvas walls merging inside and outside space, bringing you closer to nature. To make your experience remarkable a small and discrete team will tend to your every wish during your stay in Serengeti.

Wildlife migrates daily through the camp and it is possible to game view and bird watching from the verandah of your tent
The Serengeti National Park is a national park in Tanzania that stretches over 14,763 km2 (5,700 sq mi). It is well known for the largest annual migration of over 1.5 million blue wildebeest
An ensuite bathroom with “his and hers” wash hand basins, large shower and proper flush toilet complete each guest tent
Sensational menus have been designed by Axel Janssens and the daily menu will be tailored to your every desire
the optimal glamping experience

"We stayed here with 5 persons (3 luxury tents) for 3 nights. When we arrived, we were cheerfully greeted by the staff. Starting from this moment, the staff went always the extra mile for us. Even when we were stuck with our safari jeep, the staff came to the rescue and pulled us out. The interior design and the infrastructure of the tents are amazing. We were astonished when they showed us our tents. If you love good food (just like us), you will definitely not be disappointed. The meals are refined, the menu is very well put together. And last but not least, the view... When you wake up or arrive back, you can be greeted by an scenery of wildlife, such as a family of elephants walking by or a giraffe eating from the trees. And all of this in the middle of the Serengeti!"

SofieDD1 through TripAdvisor


"We had an absolutely spectacular honeymoon at Siringit Serengeti Camp. Our vacation was perfect in every way. Here are a few examples: 
The staff were incredible. They really made the experience as amazing as it was. Frederick and James were our main contacts and helped us with everything we needed, from coffee in the morning to a glass of wine in the evening. On the final night, all of the staff came by at dinner and sang to us and gave us a cake! It was the highlight of our trip and one of our fondest memories. 
Our room was gorgeous. It was a huge tent with a giant bed. The shower was nice and always had hot water. The patio deck area was a delightful place to enjoy coffee or tea in the morning and the view was like nothing you could even imagine. I would recommend the Siringit Serengeti camp to anyone!"

Jack Hallemann through TripAdvisor

“What a treasure. Siringit is totally unassuming from the outside and requires traveling a long, bumpy road to get to, but step into any of the beautifully appointed tents and you find comfort, calm and ahhh. The staff is lovely - will do anything for you and with a smile. And the accomodations are lovely - thoughtful touches, comfortable beds, chairs and lounges, beautiful decor. I would have stayed for weeks. The food is thoughtfully prepared, dietary accomodations made, requests met with pleasure. Evenings around the fire pit were fun and relaxing, and time on the tent verandas or in the common living room tent was peaceful with views out over the Serengeti beauty. Truly one of the most lovely places I've ever stayed."

Seattlites through TripAdvisor