The Siringit Vision

At Siringit we believe that your memories should matter, that our collective travel print should be conscious to benefit communities in Tanzania and inspire opportunity for economic empowerment.

We value community and respect for people and nature, which are fundamental to Tanzanian culture. We believe that education is the key to empowering communities and empowering people out of poverty. It is the water that will make a child’s dream a reality in the future.

And we want to give back to nature, in order for us and for you to be able to enjoy the beauty of Tanzania, while preserving the most beautiful treasures.

That’s why we’ve started Siringit Foundation, through which we can work on those four corner stones.

Siringit supports the Baraa Primary School in Arusha since 2009
Water tower at the Baraa Primary School in Arusha bought with funds from the Belgian NGO iThemba of which the owner of Siringit is a great contributor
Siringit supports the Baraa Primary School in Arusha since 2009
Siringit supports the Baraa Primary School in Arusha since 2009

Investing in Education

Every child has a right to proper education and we firmly believe that this is the key for securing a brighter future. Our priority is to give as many children as possible access to education through our sponsorship program.

Currently, the Siringit Foundation provides support for 150 children and students to ensure their continued enrolment in school and access to educational opportunities. We cover various expenses, including school materials (such as exercise books, pens and pencils), school uniforms, remedial classes, cooked school lunches, annual school trips and emergency medical fees (in the event of hospitalization at school), among other essentials.

Next to that we support Baraa Primary School, a governmental school located in Arusha. This collaboration began in 2009, initially through a Belgian NGO called iThemba, of which the owner of Siringit is also a founder. The primary focus at the start was to enhance the school's infrastructure by constructing new classrooms, sanitary facilities, a library, a computer room, and providing essential supplies such as books and stationery. These efforts aimed to create improved learning conditions for the children attending the school.

For the future, our aim is to surround our sponsored students as much as we can on different subjects, to make them grow stronger and help them to have an impact on their community.

How you can help us help

Sponsor a student

Give a student access to quality education with our sponsorship program.

For €600 per year (or €300 in co-sponsorship) you give the chance to a student to enroll in a private school. We pay the school fees, uniforms and school materials; and we stay close to the student and their family to keep them motivated and reach as far as possible.

(Coming soon)

Donate a Giftpack

By purchasing these packages, you can provide support to a child (and their family) but also contribute to the sustainability our mission.

Each package is thoughtfully curated to meet the unique needs and interests of sponsored children at different stages of their lives.

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Each Siringit property works with the Pack-for-a-Purpose initiative, in which guests take supplies to community based projects in the area they’re visiting.

The supply lists for destinations on this website are provided directly by the local community-based that receive and use the supplies, enabling travelers to make informed decisions and to take items that meet the needs of those who will be using them.

Siringit Villa is located in the surrounds of the Kilimanjaro Golf and Wildlife Estate
a small and discrete team will tend to your every wish during your stay in Siringit Villa by Mantis
Tanapa established the first rhino conservation project in Moru Kopjes in southwestern Serengeti

Investing in Sustainability

We acknowledge the critical importance of sustainable practices in fulfilling our mission to conserve vast African wilderness areas for future generations.

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability drives us to continually reduce our ecological footprint while also striving to enhance the livelihoods of our employees and neighbouring communities.

Our efforts include utilizing locally sourced materials, such as recycled metal frameworks and durable stretch canvas, ensuring enduring solutions for the luxury camping experience. We also prioritize refillable glass amenities and provide refillable water bottles, among other initiatives. We're undertaking initiatives such as installing renewable energy sources, upgrading to more efficient equipment, constructing energy-efficient buildings, and educating our staff on the importance of energy conservation.

Siringit will work together with Okota and Chanzi to process our waste, in order to avoid waste going to a landfill. Okota collects waste, sorts it into different categories and it’s being used as raw material for different new products. Organic waste is processed at Chanzi, where they use insects to convert organic waste into a protein for animal feed which is nutritious and sustainable.

Investing in (Re)Forestation

The Siringit Foundation understands that collaboration is essential—we can't address these challenges alone. Through the Kilimanjaro Project, we've partnered with like-minded organizations who share our vision of a greener world. Together, we actively work to combat climate change, reduce poverty, ensure food security, and preserve biodiversity.

Together, we nurture indigenous trees along the riparian zones of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru to promote conservation, biodiversity, and watershed restoration. We provide financial incentives to communities through the "pay to grow" model, where they plant trees and receive compensation based on the incremental growth rate of their trees.

Tanapa established the first rhino conservation project in Moru Kopjes in southwestern Serengeti
black rhino living in the Moru Kopjes area of the Serengeti National Park
today there are over fifty black rhinos breeding in the wild

Investing in Conservation

We are working in collaboration with Tanapa rangers to ensure the protection of the rhinos in Serengeti National Park. The rhinos of Serengeti will continue to live in their natural habitat if we all do our little bit to help restore the wild populations in Tanzania. Tourism is a vital contribution to rhino conservation in the future.

In the meanwhile Siringit seeks conservation opportunities where we will have a more direct impact, and therefore, our clients will have a more direct impact.

Memories for a lifetime